welcome to my underground bunker :) ignore the smell and make yourself at home! here you can find all sorts of junk and shit, feel free to explore around but make sure you don't stumble onto anything you're not supposed to.

this site was made on a 1360 x 768 screen and is not mobile compatible.


19/05/2024: updated sotw after like a month Oops..

20/04/2024: finished past sotw page it looks so awesome..

15/04/2024: about page done, slowly tweaking other pages as i go

12/04/2024: ok i finally got around to doing the rework LOL the home page is done!

01/04/2024: new layout!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!! it's not done yet wip but i will be updating most if not all the pages

23/03/2024: twd mini shrine.. and i updated the shrines section added mini shrines

22/03/2024: redid my digital collections page lol. also added a refresh button onto every iframe so now you can refresh it :)

19/03/2024: added a sitemap! also new sotw and i added little examples to the lore books for the species

14/03/2024: lurdes updated! i will get to everyone eventually lol. i hope u guys like my ocs...

12/03/2024: about page updated i added fanlistings, new sotw

08/03/2024: lore books filled in a bit more! still not totally finished yet

03/03/2024: finished the world book, still gotta fill in one page tho. started cleaning up the afterworld book i just gotta fill in all the info and draw in little infographics, demon book has not been started yet

01/03/2024: refreshed character page! i think it looks sick cant wait to fill out the books

25/02/2024: Rahhhhhhhh i fixed the homepage and drew new stuff ill do the index tmrw lol

21/02/2024: new oc Yay :)

20/02/2024: i made a little sona for this site :) also changed font of some stuff + new button alert

19/02/2024: new sotw also journal update gna try and get a new oc uploaded this week

16/02/2024: journal is up and working finally also i added the song names under the audio players

14/02/2024: new pic, new sotw. this update is brought to you by my ipad which made me want to die

11/02/2024: new oc and updated character page ^_^

06/02/2024: shrines page is done and i am working on the jojo shrine page

05/02/2024: nifterik page :)

04/02/2024: changed collections page! never fucking doing the digital eer again worst time of my life

04/02/2024: changed index page! also changed icons for characters. changed how lust works bc i wasn't fucking with it and i switched korey's sin to lust lol

01/02/2024: BIG UPDATE, redid korey's ref, updated character page and added books with lore

29/01/2024: new sotw, new picturs and new oc

25/01/2024: re-did lurdes' reference cuz i thought it was ugly i might do korey's too idk

24/01/2024: new page! links on page are a wip

23/01/2024: new sotw! also added an archive for all past sotw's

21/01/2024: made korey and lurdes' oc page! nifterik is next :)

21/01/2024: finally made oc page + added some ocs, no info yet tho :(

17/01/2024: made some art for the homepage :-)

16/01/2024: ok i fixed everything! plus added new things in the digital part of collections

15/01/2024: finished homepage uhhh i tried to fix the about me and collections but the site wont load -_-

14/01/2024: new layout babyyy its not finished and i need to fix some things excuse the mess for a bit

11/01/2024: fixed some issues, added cds+vinyls and plushes in collections

09/01/2024: finished about page + added collections

08/01/2024: wow 2 years. this time im fr i will make and update this site

sometime in 2022: "revived" site

sometime in 2020: created site