rick is the protagonist in the walking dead and also appears in the spinoffs, the ones who live and fear the walking dead. he is a former sheriff's deputy who was shot and fell into a coma only to wake up in the middle of the apocalypse. he travels to atlanta, georgia to find his wife, lori, and his son, carl, who went to atlanta with rick's best friend and partner, shane. after reuniting with his family and finding a group of surviviors, he becomes the leader of the group and continues to be the leader of his group of surviviors, including when the group reaches the alexandria safe zone, until the end. during the course of the show rick's number one personality trait is doing anything and everything to protect his family and friends, which causes him to cling to a strong personal moral code and admittedly causing numerous questionable decisions and actions within the group. throughout the show rick's moral code changes over the course, however in the beginning he strictly wouldn't kill anybody and is more trusting of the people he meets. but due to the hardships he's experienced and the people he's encountered, he evolves into a battle-hardened survivor who doesn't trust anybody besides his group and is ready to take out a threat without hesitation. unlike the antagonists rick has encountered, he retains his humanity for the sake of his family and he looks to them to make sure he doesn't completely lose his mind and go crazy. despite all of this, rick is a dedicated father to his children carl and judith, and was a loving husband to his wife lori (despite their arguments) until her death, and becomes a caring husband to michonne when they eventually get together, he is calm, smart and is a good friend to the people he cares about. in "the ones who live" spinoff, rick is dealing with a lot of ptsd due to where he is and the show shows how mentally unstable rick is during his time away from his family.
- rick's signature weapon his a colt python, and he also uses a red machete and a hatchet throughout the show.
- he is an athiest.
- his blood type is A+, the same as carl's.
- rick owns a silver kenneth cole watch, which he keeps as a personal memento of his father.
- he is a fan of georgian music.
- he is the first person to directly kill somebody after the apocalypse.
- he has several scars including one on his left shoulder, a gunshot wound on his left leg, a scar across his nose, a scar underneath his right eye and a scar on his right hand from a spike. he also has his left arm amputated.
- he's the first character to say fuck.
- his full name is richard d. grimes.
- rick gets the first and last kills in the walking dead.
- he was stuck in a coma for 3 weeks
- you can buy him as a skin in fornite and call of duty.

daryl is a main character in the walking dead, and appears in his own spinoff show "daryl dixon". he is introduced in atlanta in one of the first survivor groups rick grimes meets, he's first shown as an impulsive, surly redneck but becomes an integral part of the group due to his survival skills. due to having a rough upbringing, daryl would usually find himself and his older brother merle wandering the woods hunting for food, developing his tracking, hunting, navigation and observational skills along the way. he wields a crossbow and 2 knives, occasionally wielding a gun when he doesn't have his crossbow. throughout the show, especially earlier seasons, he comes to show respect and affection to the other members of the group he grows close to. he also forms a special bond with carol peletier and the two remain extremely close friends. he also becomes close with rick and proves himself to be an invaluable member of the group when he helps them numerous times over. he proves his loyalty to the group when he chooses them over his brother merle, realising how the group have become more of a family to him than merle ever was. daryl is both physically and mentally strong. he is often bad tempered but his compassion and loyalty to the people he cares about are second-to-none. despite his hardened personality and everything he's been through, he has a softer, more emotional side. though usually distant, daryl is shown to be caring and selfless and goes out of his way to do things for his friends that can cost him his life.
- he has survived some of the most insane situations ever
- daryl was never planned for the show and he was never in the comics, but after norman reedus' audition for merle dixon they liked his performance so much they created daryl specifically for him.
- his signature weapon is a stryker crossbow, and in season 9 uses a pair of dual wielded large knives. in season 11 he frequently uses an ar-15 instead of his crossbow.
- he's been captured 10 times
- he has the highest number of appearances, appearing in 148 episodes.
- his crossbow has been stolen 6 times
- daryl is a chain smoker and has a fondness for alcohol
- he likes motorcycles, he owns a motorcycle jacket with angel wings on the back, he drove a 1976 triumph bonneville hardtail frame conversion up until season 4. he also has a proficient knowledge of mechanical engineering and even constructs a fully working 1992 honda cb 750 nighthawk out of spare parts.
- daryl has several tattoos which include, one on his left chest which says "norman", a small devil on his upper right arm, a red tatto with the name "mingus" (norman's son's name), two individual demons on his back and a skull on his right hand.
- daryl has the most scars among any other characters, those include a scar on his right eye that looks like a black eye, numerous scars on his back one of them including an X shape,
- on his vest he eventually loses the whole right wing
- he knows asl
- he used to believe in god but lost his faith during the apocalypse
- he is blood type O- which makes him a universal blood donor, when he was younger his brother merle used to force him to sell his blood for cash.
- growing up he used to watch "mork and mindy" with merle
- he's a fan of the doors
- he has a skin in fortnite

negan is a main character and former antagonist in the walking dead, he appears as a protagonist in "dead city". he is the primary antagonist for seasons 7/8 but becomes more of an anti-hero in season 9 onward. negan was the leader of the saviours, he used his authority and resources to take control over other communities and force them to give him their stuff in exchange for protection against walkers. negan is imprisoned for several years and goes through a kind of redemption arc after he saves judith grimes during a blizzard. negan is a charismatic, cocky, manipulative, and brutal man (especially during seasons 7-8) with a sarcastic and inappropriate sense of humor. despite being a complete asshole he is a brilliant strategist and a strong, effective leader, during his reign over the saviors he kept hundreds of people alive and had complete control over them and was questioned by no one, he was willing to do whatever it took to obtain resources for his group by extorting from multiple communities, and threatening them with death if they didnt comply. negan is shown to be a cold blooded killer, not just for survival but to send a message and as punishment for disobedience. he also has no respect for people he views as weak and claims he wants to help people through their weaknesses and by being strong he makes the world strong. on the other hand, negan has great respect for those he views as strong, both physically and emotionally, and those who show bravery and defiance against him. negan has admitted that he enjoys killing people, but only under the right circumstances because to him people are a resource. despite negan's brutal nature, he's not completely heartless and lives by a moral code that forbids the killing of innocent people especially children. negan is highly intelligent and is incredibly good at reading people and exploiting their weaknesses. negan loved his wife lucille dearly, despite treating her badly he claims she got him through life. after her death he named his primary weapon "lucille", a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.
- matthew lillard auditioned for the role of negan before jeffrey dean morgan was cast
- he was originally called nagus (???)
- negan said fuck 23 times in the uncensored version of the season 6 finale
- negan and rick have several similarities and have been described as "two sides of the same coin", only negan's moral compass is a little more out of whack.
- he has the highest kill count out of any character, with a total of 230 victims (human).
- he shows several symptoms of a god complex
- he's playable in tekken 7 and pubg

michonne is a main character in the walking dead and appears in the spinoff "the ones who live" with rick. michonne first came into the show in season 3 when she encounters andrea and develops a friendship with her. in the beginning michonne is a dark and ruthless warrior following the loss of her boyfriend and son. despite being untrusting of eachother in the beginning, michonne joins the group and becomes a core member and bonds with carl, as well as being rick's right-hand woman and eventually wife. michonne is a tough and good-hearted survivior, intially working alone and keeping her past a secret until becoming close with andrea and carl. she is very optimistic once she joins the group and leads rick numerous times into trusting people even when he distrusts them. she constantly gives rick the confidence to fight back and live even in the darkest of times. michonne wields a katana that she picked up at the start of the apocalypse, which helped honed her survival skills to perfection.
- she was one of the hardest characters to cast
- the actor danai gurira practicied swordsmanship with a sword instructor and watched several samurai films to prepare for the role of michonne
- she owns a personal necklace as a memento
- her pre-apocalypse profession is assumed to be a lawyer
- michonne has caused the most amputations out of all other characters
- she has an X shaped scar on her back like daryl
- she's playable in fortnite and pubg

carol is a main character in the walking dead, she is also protagonist in the spinoff "daryl dixon" with daryl. she has a minor role in "fear the walking dead". carol is from the original atlanta camp rick finds where she has a husband and daughter, ed and sophia respectively. carol was initially a meek and defenseless woman particularly when facing her abusive husband. after they both die, carol begins to stand up for herself and gains independence, while also strengthening her bonds with the group especially daryl dixon. later carol obtains a more proactive and pragmatic stance, and does things that she deems necessary that may be morally questionable. despite this though, her actions leave her emotionally wounded as a result. eventually carol becomes highly intelligent, cunning, objective and resourceful and is a reliable counselor to rick. she isn't afraid to take matters into her own hands and is prepared to kill anyone she deems as a threat. similar to rick, she's shown to be unwilling to take chances when it comes to human threats. despite turning into a somewhat cruel and hardened survivor, carol is shown to feel remorse for killing others and eventually comes to a point where she has to isolate herself so she doesn't has to kill for the people she loves anymore, but eventually stops when she has to fight against a new threat again. throughtout the show, carol takes on the role of a "mother" towards multiple children in the show, including her own daughter. eventually all her children end up dying in someway, even when she tries not to get too close to them.
- she has claustrophobia
- her most used weapon is a colt detective special
- she was originally set to die in season 3
- it's explained that carol has kept her hair short out of trauma from her abusive husband, meaning that when she grew her hair out in season 10 it was a sign she finally felt safe.
- she is the first character in the show to directly kill a child
- she knows asl

carl is a main character in the walking dead. he is the son of rick and lori grimes, and the brother of judith and rj grimes. during the first season, carl is a shy and reserved boy but is close to his father's best friend, shane walsh. later on he develops a bolder personality and is less frightened of the world due to the ordeals he's experienced. he eventually becomes battle hardened from months on the road, learning firearm skills and tactical abilities along the way. he is no longer shy and is becoming a capable survivor. after witnessing his mother's death during childbirth to his sister judith, it hardens him immensely after a stage of depression, he becomes very brave and is willing to sacrifice himself for others. despite this, he eventually unwinds with the help of his father and learns there's more to life than just survival, becoming more relaxed but retains a more serious and realistic viewpoint of the world. after losing the prison, carl becomes scarred and frequently has outbursts of intense anger and frustration, especially towards his father. he eventually calms down and begins taking a more adult role in the group, helping out where he can and teaching others how to use weapons. he has grown more optimistic about things even when his father isn't. throughout he continues to mature and despite others being pessimisstic about life now, carl retains his optimism and maturity. after losing his left eye, carl puts up a front of being okay but is dealing with a lot of self-consciousness about his appearance, but pushes through and remains a mature, brave and responsible kid. during the war, unlike everyone else carl develops a more progressive way of thinking, showing he still has his optimism, when contemplating the aftermath of the war and the future. this is something that has a lasting impact upon everyone especially rick, and why rick spares negan.
- rick and carl share the same blood type, which is A+
- carl is seen reading the comic "invincible" numerous times, robert kirkman's other comic book series.
- he has been shot twice
- the actor chandler riggs, also portrays an extra in the last episode.