As I've said numerous times before, Jotaro Kujo quite literally changed my life with how I percieve myself and who I am as a person. Circa 2019 when I first watched/read JoJo's, I was instantly enamored with his personality. I think most people who consume JoJo's love Jotaro and he is one of the if not the most popular character in the entirety of JoJo's. That being said I truly understand him as a person and his ideals and who he is. He made me rethink who I am and quite literally helped me realize I am autistic. I like many others view Jotaro as an autistic person, with his many quirks and his many outrages. This quickly lead me to realise me relating to Jotaro was me relating to his autism and I realised that I too may have autism like he does. There is one specific tumblr post that delves into the things that Jotaro does that is heavily autistic coded and I have to give credit to that poster for literally changing my life. Jotaro is incredibly special and dear to me and when I tell you Part 6 literally broke me I am not exaggerating!! I thought he died when Whitesnake took his stand from him I cried for like 2 hours because suddenly my life was meaningless cuz this dude in a manga just died. Then he didn't die and I was overjoyed until the end of part 6 LMFAO. The end of Part 6 was brutal reading it and it was even more brutal WATCHING it, the opening to the last episode was absolutely phenomenal, and it made me even more emotional than I already was. It was so unexpected and it made me bawl and honestly what a beautiful way to end the first timeline of such a beloved manga series.

Vento Aureo is such an interesting part to me. It was never my favourite part, I liked some characters but I just brushed it off because it sort of confused me and I didn't get it the first time I watched it in 2019. However I rewatched it in 2020 and continued to rewatch over and over again as I quickly became obsessed with it and it quickly became my favourite part of all time. I have grown to love it even more after delving more into it's themes and what it represents. I find the themes of Vento Aureo and the theme of fate endlessly fascinating. Jojo's as a whole shows the spirit of humanity and what humans are capable of doing when banding together and Vento Aureo shows it in such a unique way. With each villain of Jojo's contradicting humanity and showcasing enemies of humanity, Part 5 does it in a way that is very interesting to me. Diavolo rejects all humanity, he rejects his past and he rejects who he was as a person. He seeks out to end his past and this is so against what humans are, humans learn from their pasts and they use their past to better themselves for the present and the future. Humans climb to their goals and they achieve their goals through hard work and perseverence. But Diavolo goes against all of these things that make humans what they are. He destroys his past, he skips forward to the future which ultimately ends him. Vento Aureo's theme of fate and it's epilogue Sleeping Slaves, is a beautiful story when you watch it with this lens. It's story is about the resolve to fight fate for a goal you think is righteous and just. Diavolo as the enemy is fate and Giorno goes against this with his resolve and doesn't stop no matter the cost to uphold his beliefs.