name: wolf
gender: transmasc he/it
birthday: september 17 2004
favourite colour: red!

hello! you can call me wolf. my main hobbies include art and coding but i hope to go into game development eventually. i love creating characters, video games and learning game lore, i find game lore incredibly interesting and i'm currently working on my own universe lore! i am fortunately riddled with autism and most of the time you can find me consuming my interests. i love all music if you give me a good song i will listen to it.

i created this site because i love art and coding so i decided to combine the two and create a personal space for myself on the internet (that doesn't exist as a flop social media site).

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likes: dislikes:
art consumerism
coding onions
gaming hot weather

favourite video games: pokemon, genshin impact, sims, minecraft, fnaf, crk
favourite anime: jjba, naruto, fairy tail, dorohedoro, mob psycho 100, soul eater
favourite shows: shameless, ofmd, gotham, hannibal, the walking dead
favourite movies: scream, american psycho, wall-e, silence of the lambs
favourite genres: nu metal, metalcore, electronic dance, pop punk, grunge, heavy metal, goth, 2000s pop, 80s pop
favourite artists: korn, rammstein, limp bizkit, linkin park, ice nine kills, my chemical romance, bmth, system of a down, prince
favourite animals: cats, wolves, monkeys, crabs, penguins, any little guys
other favourites: 90s/00s aesthetics, emo stuff, guitars, smosh, 3d modelling, drag, norse mythology

mfs who are just like me fr

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact
Jotaro Kujo
Daryl Dixon
Will Graham
Ian Gallagher

current pookies

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact
Rick Grimes
Negan Smith
Bruno Bucciarati
Hannibal Lecter

"where did "murder scene" come from?"
murder scene came from life on the murder scene, a documentary and live album by mcr!

"what inspired your site?"
defintely other sites (shout out 2 antiamorous and uncannyvalley), sites from when i was a kid and metal buildings

"why doesn't x button work?"
not all pages are finished or made so expect somethings to be broken for a while

"how did you learn to code?"
i learnt to code from carrd actualy... i started using carrd around 2018? but started coding on carrd in around 2021. it defintely stunted my learning a bit but i did learn some cool things from it! neocities defintely helped me become more confident in my overrall website building though. w3schools is the goat and looking at other people's code is a big help.

"can i use your code?"
go for it LOL! just dont completely copy it 1to1. using parts of it is fine

"can i use your art/assets?"
Um No. for me only. graphics i make like buttons, blinkies etc are free game though and u dont have to credit but it is appreciated


watching: twd again..
listening: my 2000's/2010's playlist
doing: im popping bubblewrap rn

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